The legal rules
Terms and Conditions
Kazzeem Application
1-Contractual relationship:

Terms of use control access or use of individuals from the Arab Republic of Egypt into the electronic applications and services offered by Kazzeem which  is the first of its kind in Egypt and the Arab world, Kazzeem offers works of cleaning, house services where it is as a link between service offering person and service receiver through its application.

Kazzeem is a sherholders company, it is located in 4 yousr st, infront of Gate 5, shooting club , Dokki, Giza in the Republic of Egypt.

Kindly, read these terms and conditions carefully before obtaining service or before using it.

Your access to services and using them is considered as your approval and acknowledgment regarding the conditions and commitments, a matter that establishes a contractual relationship between you and Argon, in case you disapprove these terms and conditions, you will not have the right to obtain services or to use them, and Orgone company has the right to end these terms and conditions, or stop them and prevent them from your access and for any reason whatsoever.

The company may make some adjustments, additions, or deleting , from time to time on some services such as the special policies or an activity or certain promotion campaigns, they will be disclosed to you concerning such terms and conditions, such adjustments are considered part and parcel of these terms, and as a completion to it, your continuous access to service after this issuing is considered an approval and an acknowledgement from your side on being committed to such terms and provisions after being amended.

We have gathered personal data and use them with regard to services and in accordance with what is provided in privacy policy which is private between us and it could be seen through our electronic website.

It is allowed for Kazzeem to offer necessary information-including your private communication information so as to have an access to you- that will be according to the legal rules followed inside the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Public Authorities orders, and in the limits of law so as to settle any dispute or a complaint or an accident.

Services have formed a technical platform that enable users of mobiles or electronic sites for Kazzeem which is available as a part of services for purpose of dividing and scheduling services of cleaning and house works. ·       

Services suppliers are independent and outside company, and that Kazzeem doesn’t work in field of cleaning or beautifying sine service is offered for your personal use and noncommercial, it is acknowledged that Kazzeem doesn’t offer cleaning works or cleansing and beautifying houses, companies, or others, or working as a cleaning company since offering services is conducted by independent outside suppliers.

You agree that Kazzeem is an electronic mediator, and as a link between you and services suppliers through application, no effect is made on the company, or its managers, or administration or employees.


In case you of your approval of terms and conditions, and being committed to the, Kazzeem will grant you a limited non-exclusive license, it couldn’t be licensed secretly, also it couldn’t be transferred from one person to another, reversible so as to have an access to the application and use it on your personal device concerning your use for service only, also an access to any contents or information relevant which may be offered through service and use them, in all cases, the use is personal only and non-commercial, Kazzeem has the right to keep any rights that haven’t been granted explicitly within these terms and conditions. 

You don’t have the right to: 

Remove any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary notices from any part of the Service or copy the Services, modify them, prepare derivative works or similar, license, manage, sell, resell, transfer, publicly display, publicly perform, broadcast, circulate or exploit in any form.

Manipulating, deconstructing, disassembling, creating a link to any part of the Service or preparing identical copies, creating or causing the creation of any software or scripts for the purpose of removing, decompiling, Improperly or improperly impeding the performance of his or her function or aspect of the Service or attempting to enter unauthorized access to the Service or the destruction of such systems and networks, thereby compromising you.

5-Content of foreign parties

Services may be offered, or an access to them by supervision in services and content of foreign parties who are not under the company's control. And you shall acknowledge that conditions of using and different privacy policy are valid when using services and content of foreign parties, Kazzeem doesn’t bear responsibility at any case towards any of the products, or misleading ads or services offered from foreign parties, in addition , Apple company, Google, Microsoft corporation, Blackberry   limited or their partners have an access to service by using the application designed special for mobiles but they are not considered a party of this contract parties, also IOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, or Blackberry have the responsibility for offering services or support it in any way so that such service is under you access since such services are subject to their terms and conditions.

You shall acknowledge that service and all rights related to it are a private property for Kazzeem, such terms and conditions and your use of service do not grant you any rights except the limited license that is granted for you and mentioned previously, Kazzeem keeps the rights of trade mark, products names, services offered and any violation is subject to legal responsibility.

7-Users' accounts: ·       
You have to register so that you could get service on an active personal account, your age has to be not below 21 years or the Legal age of majority.

For registry application, you will have to present specific personal information ( your name, your mobile number, number of apartment its area and contents), how to pay credit card"

You will have to acknowledge that all information that you have written down are correct, real, complete and you keep them, in case of not writing your information correctly or you don’t specify a valid way of payment, you will not have an access to service or use and we have the right to terminate terms where you will bear all responsibility for all activities conducted on your name and your account, we also undertake to keep security and secrecy of user's name and your password and you don’t have the right to have more than one account.

8:User's behavior and his commitments: ·       
Service is not available for persons under 21 years of age, you can not authorize other external parties to use your account, also Waiver transfer of ownership is not allowed.
·        You are not allowed to use service for purposes against Egyptian norms and laws. ·      

You cannot send a random electronic email, since a random email is an email, or publications or applications to some bodies (written text messages) or urgent messages unwanted and they are sent without requesting SMS for communication.

Don’t fraud on any restrictions so as to reach service and use it.

Don’t participate in any Fake or misleading activity (for example: requesting money justified wrongly, or Impersonation of another person's name) or defamation, or Public slander.

Don’t violate other person's rights or sharing in an activity violating the rights of their data privacy.

It is prohibited to use any harmful cleaning materials, which are harmful to health and body safety, or expose life and person's safety to danger as result of offering service.

You bear the responsibility for your valuable personal belonging ( for example: money, jewelry, souvenirs and others) . and you have to keep them without any compensation liability on the company of Kazzeem for any damages.

You will have to agree and acknowledge that in case   of committing any crimes or accidents while the person offering service during his task or during receiving service, it will be a personal liability for acts committed without any liability either civilian or criminal or compensatory on our side.

All tools and equipment special for cleaning and safe cleaners have to be available which they don’t expose service suppliers to danger or injury, so his safety is your personal responsibility.

You must not leave the place special to you while service suppliers conduct their task, and all is your responsibility in case an accident or a waste or others occur, the service suppliers can terminate the application in case you leave the place and leave him alone, also commitments and provisions cannot activate service or using it.

9-Text Messages:
As soon as you establish your private account, it implies you approve that services may send you some text information messages as part of your use for service, you have the right to refuse receiving these messages from us through sending a message through the electronic email clarifying your desire of not receiving more of these messages with the addition of number of your mobile, and you acknowledge that receiving messages may affect your using of service.

10-Promotional Symbols:
We have the right to establish promotional symbols and adding them, or return them to the account, or other features or benefits related to service or service suppliers this is subject to any additional terms that we put on basis of promotion symbol. From your side, you acknowledge that promotion symbols must be used for the audience for the targeted aim and should be conducted legally. 

They cannot be copied or sold or their property cannot be transferred at any form, they have to be available to the public, either they are published or others.

They could be activated from our side at any time and for any reason without any legal liability on our side, they are not valid for cash payment, it could be terminated before your use of it.

We keep our right in withdrawing or depositing added balances or advantages or other benefits obtained through using promotion symbols by your side or by any other user.

In case we specify, or believe that using or retrieving promotion symbols have been a mistake, or a fraud or illegal or it has been a violation of the special terms concerning promotion symbols followed , or within their terms.

11-Guarantees and responsibility clearance

Kazzeem doesn’t offer any guarantees or undertakings or explicit or implicit conditions concerning your use of service so that you bear all risks resulted when you use service, so we offer services at their status and with all risks, as it is available, you will have some rights according to the law of the Arab Republic of Egypt, we haven’t intended to affect such rights if they are adopted.

You acknowledge that places specified for you have some defaults and losses, and some defaults occur like validity or being damaged from time to time.

We do not guarantee continuity of service or its work at its tine or its safety or being vacant from any defaults or not losing any content.

You undertake that Kazzeem is not liable for loss of benefits or loss of data or personal injuries or affected damages at properties related your use of service and you're depending on it or you inability to have an access to service. .

Kazzeem does not bear any responsibility for delay or misconduct resulted from reasons out of control.

Kazzeem is not responsible for any crimes that may be committed while service suppliers conduct their task and here it is a personal liability for his own acts.

Kazzeem is not responsible for your personal valuable belongings ( like: jewelry, money, souvenirs, antiques or others)and to keep them without any civil criminal or compensatory liability.  

12: Compensation:
You agree and undertake to clear the side of Kazzeem from any compensation or liability or its directors or its employees, to be clear from any claims or losses or spending including layers' fees and fees of judicial sues whatever their types are concerning your use for services that you obtain through using service or violating by not implementing terms and conditions or the use of Kazzeem of the content of the user special to you(credit card) or violating any of the external parties' rights including service supplier.  

13: Payment and deduction:
Your use of service may lead to impose fees for this service, for purpose of facilitating these procedures, it has been agreed with the International Commercial Bank «(Egypt) commercial register number 69826 –Investment.

International Commercial Bank  grants the facilitation of international transactions through the international information nets (internet) so as to present services for cards holders in all the world which are represented in (,aster card-Visa).

All data special for your credit card are covered with total secrecy they could not be disclosed for any Body and with the commitment to that, and 
Kazzeem doesn’t disclose or look at data related to your credit card, and transaction by the card is through the bank directly.

When completing the process, SMS will be sent through the electronic email including all details of process on your cards, they are used as official documents for process implementation in accordance with law.

"although customer may receive an SMS from your bank indicates that the maximum estimated amount has been deducted,
however its authorized only and actual deduction will takes place after order finished"

If the mean of payment is invalid or void or it is not possible to pay through it, you cannot have an access to service.

You shall approve the amendment of fees related to services obtained through your use of service, and from time to time.

The application can be cancelled pre 30 minutes of reservation time as maximum, in case of the arrival of service supplier, 40 pounds will be deducted from your account, as cancellation fees.

It is not allowed to pay directly to service suppliers for services, all payments are conducted through the credit card (visa card-master card) or Fawry Service no other way could replace this.

14-Dispute settlement and law that has to be applied:
All provisions are subject to the law of Egyptian electronic transactions, also conditions and commitment is in accordance with the Egyptian law.